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Exoplanets: Kepler 186F

Visualización de Kepler 186F

Esta es la visualización imaginada de Kepler 186F.



Esta es la narración (locución por Greg Jachym) 


"Here we find Kepler 186F, orbiting the Red Dwarf Star Kepler 186. 186F is just a little larger than Earth. The planet is located well within the habitable zone of the star. The first pleasant surprise, nonetheless an expected one, is that the planet is not tidally locked. However, its slow rotation makes for days and nights nearly three weeks long. Behold the bizarre beauty of the first recordings in Kepler 186F. The curious rock formations suggested erosion by water, but when our drones’ system began to fail we realized the true reason. There is a never ending ash cloud in this area. It is formed by a compound very similar to magnetite. The rocky shapes we see through our cameras are the result of thousands of years of magnetic ash accumulating over and over. Our team is venturing that some the largest structures could reach a million years in its formation. This suggest also a continuous volcanic activity. Our most immediate goal is to leave this desert area before the magnetic ash renders our equipment useless."





La versión de youtube contiene subtítulos en castellano y en inglés.