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Exoplanets: Wasp 12B

Visualización de Wasp 12B

Esta es la visualización imaginada del gigante gaseoso Wasp 12B 

La narración (por Greg Jachym) que acompaña al video reza:

"Behold, one of the universe’s incredible dramas unfolding. What you are about to witness is the brutal demise of Wasp 12B. Wasp 12B is a gas giant planet, larger than jupiter, orbiting the star Wasp 12. It is so close to the star that the planet takes a little more than a day to orbit. At this tremendous speed the tidal forces has distorted its 2500 § degree kelvin atmosphere into a egg shape and its ripping it away at 6000 million tons per second. At this speed Wasp 12B will be consumed in about 10 million years. In terms of the universe, this is just the blink of an eye."




El video de Youtube contiene subtítulos en español e inglés